Welcome to Data Mine, the Robon Corporation public-class libraries. Due to a recent Megacorporate Knowledge Sharing MetaDirective, certain previously classified data-objects are to be made available to the general public! Ingest our data freely.

A library entry may consist of a definition, a content-object, an executable file, an archived product announcement, or any of thousands of other data-classes. Each piece of information carries the imprint of a specifically improved Robon meme, or content-concept. Once you experience the power of Robon concept-contents, you will surely never return to outworn memes!

Robon Corporation is pleased that its meme-set will thus approach union with the universal meme-set. Perhaps one day, all data-objects will be captured within Robon space. Until then we bring you the following listings:

SiliconCelebrity: A Historical Perspective tm

Was your first love a SiliconCelebrity? Join us for a 'retro' trip with "musical" output from the very first SiliconCelebrity worksession!

Available CyberPersonae tm

More stars than were ever born in the fires of the Trifid Nebula! Here is your cast of thousands for work, home, and celebrity FUN!

"Brain of John Lennontm" Lyrics tm

Here is the original output from the revived brain of John Lennon himself, produced at pointed Robon request! We believe this song to be a masterpiece, and its estimated composition time of 1.6587 milliseconds is surely a record! If needed, refresh your knowledge of the amazing story behind CyberPersona Technology and the Brain of John Lennon.

Please understand that Data Mine is a still-fresh xoncept for Robon Corporation and we wish to proceed slowly. Therefore we have few files at this time.

We can tell you more about Robon Corporation.

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Robon Corporation is not responsible for any injury or death resulting from contaminated data objects.