"Brain of John Lennontm" Lyrics

The Brain of John Lennontm
Just floated in from space today
Preserved in a cryo-pod
Yoko wasn't aboard --
(We all thanked God.)

The Brain of John Lennontm
Alive as he could ever be
Jacked into a cyberdroid
Watch him play the guitar
What a wonderful toy.

Imagine the power!tm
Encoded on a data-disc
We'll show what this brain can do!
Where do you want to go?
It's up to you!

John Lennon Cyberpersona: ad-lib demo sequence

He'll be our messiah!
Tell us jokes and sell us Cokestm and teach the world how to love
That brain, he can do it all!
Even write us a song --
Just don't tell Paul.

The Brain of John Lennontm
Another hit from Microsofttm
"Great Minds for Family Funtm"
Buy a copy today --
Get two for one!

SiliconCelebrity Standard Announcer #3: basic Robon disclaimer

inspiring instrumental coda

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