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Acquire data and turn xoncepts into concepts.

BrainMail tm

The better way to exchange data objects!" Sophisticated cerebral mail system for MindWeb users. Send words, pictures, experiences, feelings, even primitve instincts to freinds, family, or any casual MindWeb contact. Robon BrainMail achieves unprecedented levels of communication, so as to remove value from the [word-flag]"communicate." Make no mistake -- this is evolution! Also available to users of Robon DataShare WorkGroupWare MindGroups.

CyberPersona tm

Revolution in marketing and personal computing. Allows the synthesis and duplication of the thinking and actions of creative and/or famous personalities. Allows new concepts in advertising, etc. as well as tools for desktop creativity. Explore the world of CyberPersona in The Future, or visit the DataMine for a list of available CyberPersonae.

DataRods tm

Robon-preferred storage device. Organometallicrystalline holospatioradionic megabit-encrypted quantum deviation units; each DataRod actually taps its own mini-universe to store data. Perfectly safe, with no event horizon (compare to competitors' 'KwikStor SingulariTapes' which not only radiate massive magnetic monopoles but can be manipulated by demonic aetheric forces.) Even a child is safe from the Feynmann limit with Robon DataRods!

DeepCortex DataMaps tm

Vast Robon datasets describing the creative structures of the human mind. A DataMap captures the ephemeral spark of the human soul in useful form. First produced from the revived brain of John Lennon. All subsequent DeepCortex DataMaps are based on the minds of willing data donors. Compensation for the pain and partial dismemberment of the procedure provided by Robon.

DigiPalette tm

Impossibly complicated Robon dataset that tells the Robon PaintMaster what people think about colors -- and what colors think about people.

iSocket tm

The Info-Socket -- a revolution in input/ouptut devices! The Robon iSocket allows direct communication between your mind and your computer, and especially between your mind and Robon MindWeb. Available through a simple, relatively painless invasive procedure at any of our authorized Robon SurgiCenters worldwide. Works in conjunction with other Robon implants, onboard software, and Robon DataRods.

Mind's-I Video tm

The ultimate visual experience, available exclusively to Robon MindWeb customers and other iSocket enhanced humans. Flicker free, intensely detailed visuals piped directly into the human visual centers. Mind's-I Video taps into the individual consciousness to display images -- each individual sees his or her own "flashy red car," "sexy young star/let," "face of the dark one!" Minds-I Video will show you your own mind, in full color and hallucinogenic detail.

MindMusic tm

The height of aural perfection, available exclusively to Robon MindWeb customers and other iSocket enhanced humans. Every nuance, every particle of feeling is wrung out of the music and poured directly into your auditory nerve. Robon guarantees that MindMusic will leave you with a song in your heart, and in your head -- even for the tragically deaf.

MindWeb tm

Robon's exo-neural network. Allows users with authorized implanted iSockets to access an entire new universe of feeling, perception, enlightenment, and fun. Step into the only completely convincing virtual world -- with no barriers between you and Robon! Works over normal data lines with proprietary hardware and software.

PaintMaster tm

The smart new way to decorate. Tintoretto that flowerpot and let Goya carve his grotesqueries of light and shadow upon the rec room wall! The PaintMaster puts the power of a thousand dead masters in the palm of your hand, thanks to the DigiPalette and SmartNozzle! Acquire the PaintMaster immediately in RobonWare!

Robont tm

Of Robon.

SiliconCelebrity tm

Robon technological breakthrough. Completely changed the nature of fame, advertising, and fun before its inevitable obsolesence and abandoment. Learn more about SiliconCelebrity in the DataMine. Or purchaseyour own SiliconCelebrity PlayPak.

SmartNozzle tm

The business end of a PaintMaster. Uses artificial intelligence and rudimentary self-awareness to translate vague human spraying motions into digitally-crafted strokes of a genius' brush.

TalentChips tm

Proprietary Robon technology developed for internal personnel use; now made widely available due to black-market consumer demand. Write that masterly novel without the fuss and bother of creative struggle! Acquire only the skills and expertise you need for a given job, and remain blissfully ignorant of the rest.

Xoncept tm

A foreign or unfamiliar concept; a xeno-concept. Pronounced as if coughing. All xoncepts can be assimilated and if need be neutralized given proper effort.

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