CyberPersona Technology

Here we introduce our CyberPersona Technologytm: A new revolution in marketing and personal computing! CyberPersonae can both run your computers and sell you products as well.

Now for the first time, thanks to advances in digitization technology (and the fortunate discovery of the world's most spectacular frozen brain), any famous personality can be synthesized and adapted for commercial use, minus any troublesome psychoses or political views.


Advertisers, Robon opens a new world of celebrity endorsement to you! Choose any celebrity from our proprietary licensed library of CyberPersonae, even mix and match for variety. Thanks to the power of digital animation, these spectral celebrities will thrill to your goods. Jimmy Cagney dancing across the hood of a new Chrysler! Mae West and John Lennon enjoying a Coke! Mahatma Mohandes Gandhi wrestling in the Beijing 2008 Olympics! James Dean singing a song of praise to Sony! Or create a custom spokesman for your product line or multinational conglomerate. All is possible with CyberPersona technology.

CyberPersonal Computing

With our proprietary DeepCortex Data Mapstm we have actually enslaved the workings of a human brain for desktop computational power! A celebrity will do your thinking for you. Let J. Edgar Hoover perform your data searches! Have Sir Winston Churchill do your resume. Have Sir Isaac Newton track your packages. And with on-line CyberPersonAgents, a lively celebrity will escort you into Robon MindWebtm.

The Brain of John Lennon

Through licensing partnerships we make the power of CyberPersonae available for home and office use, starting with the Brain of John Lennon software package from Robon Corporation and a noted worldwide software juggernaut. Now have the world-famous wit and wisdom of John Lennon inside your spreadsheets, thanks to constant advances in Robon technology and the lucky rediscovery of the singer's frozen brain. We welcome you to acquire more information on this amazing story and new product, including a new song produced with our John Lennon CyberPersona! The Brain of John Lennon -- the first in a series of 'Great Minds for Family Fun' and 'Great Minds for the Office!'

We create products that cause things to happen.

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RobonTechware is a wholly owned subsidiary of Robon Corporation. Continual tecnological improvement is our middle name.