The Brain of John Lennon

Now available from Robon Media and a noted worldwide software juggernaut: It is the Brain of John Lennon! A simulcrum synthesized CyberPersonatm combined with digitized data from the brain of John Lennon himself. Let John Lennon run your home security, download useful information from the Internet, balance your checkbook, even craft pleasing melodies, all on your home PC! Works best with Windows Vista, sorry no Mac OS X version yet.

But, You May Ask, Why?

Robon Corporation observed the intense feelings generated by the release of "new" Beatles songs in conjuction with the Apple/EMI/Capitol release of the "Beatles Anthology" collections. The first collection contained the "new" song "Free As A Bird" and the second contained "Real Love" but alas no transfigured Lennon demo was expected for the third "Anthology" collection. Unmistakably this caused great sorrow and consternation for many people on the Web and even entities within Robon itself.

Robon Corporation felt it only fitting that we use our proven SiliconCelebritytm technology to create a "new Beatles song" utilizing a John Lennon dataset. (Recall the first public manifestation of SiliconCelebrity technology in the form of infotainment delivery agent John Tesh.) Victory in this endeavor proved elusive, although in the next ten years Robon Corporation did reproduce ELO's Greatest Hits. The program ground on and on, consigned to an obscure satellite processor.

Then Fate inserted its icy hand.

An Amazing Discovery!

For it was discovered, in one of the most astounding revelations in the modern world, that John Lennon's brain had been secretly preserved after his unfortunate demise and sent aloft in a cryogenic pod. Said pod crash landed on Robon property in the Pacific Northwest. It was almost too good to believe! Robon scientists revived the brain, read and copied its contents, and even more.

The very structures of creative consciousness itself were extracted from the singer's cortex and the resulting DeepCortex Data Maptm can be applied across any media dataset. Thus what had started as a frozen brain blossomed into a brand-new technology -- CyberPersona technology, now even possible without actual brain matter! Robon Corporation has the ability to create a complete CyberPersona from a set of headshots, an old cassette tape, even drunken stories about a celebrity!

A New Song!

Once we explained to the Brain of John Lennon our plans, it was only too happy to generate a "new" song for us, according to certain Robon specifications, in exchange for its freedom. This song was recorded by contractually-obligated Talent-Chip-enhanced Robon employees and we present it here to you, the last "new" song of "John Lennon", in temporal approximation of the twentieth anniversary of "Anthology III."

Sample this entertainment! See the Brain Spin!
2.9meg MP3
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Satisfying Consumer Demand!

Robon Corporation answers public cries for more CyberPersona product. For the funky, we now include a dance remix, guaranteed to 'move the bass!'

Terrorize your boogie feet! Watch the Brain Boogie!
4.1meg MP3
Download times may be long for outmoded multimedia browsers.
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For the curious, Lennon's brain was last seen breaching the atmosphere in a hastily juryrigged spacecraft, headed for parts unknown. Robon will be sure to keep in touch with the craft's guidance systems.

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iSocket browsers can experience "The Brain of John Lennon" in full 3-D MindMusictm with accompanying promotional Mind's-I Videotm over Robon MindWeb.

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