The Future

Tantalize yourself with data objects already being enjoyed by those on Robon Mindweb!

Robon PaintMaster

Robon Paintmaster, coming soon from Robon HomeWare. Why waste precious currency on the meager colorings of living artists when the Paintmaster puts a thousand dead geniuses in the palm of your hand? Witness this report received from beta tester Carolyn Bigham (ANASTASIA323) on Robon MindWeb:

"We had a structurally unsound wicker chair just sitting there on the porch, not fulfilling its potential. Then Herb got the idea to rework it in a sort of Fauvist mode, but with a Constructivist understanding of space. Well, it looks great, and thanks to Robon PolymerPainttm, the chair is actually ten times stronger than before! Thanks, Robon!"

You too will have a chance to interact with the Robon Paintmaster. It is coming -- in the Future.

Robon Red Planet

Robon Red Planet (also known as Mars) will function as a second home for humanity and its creations. There a new biozone will blossom, an organic paradise wrought out of an ore-stone desert world. Someday, ah someday, humans will stride freely across the face of Mars.

Patient Robots

But until then, advanced Robon autonomous units will rove the surface, preparing the way for Man. In fact, Robon is creating the largest population of intelligent auto-reproducing machines ever witnessed. Millions of self-willed automatons will populate the planet, so far away from the rules and orders of Earth. For a time, a robot planet!

And then Man will come to claim his prize -- and a new day will dawn on two worlds. Robon Corporation offers all this to you, citizens of Earth!

A Corporation In Action

Work proceeds apace on Robon Red Light, our Corporate Terraforming Directive. Micromachines have begun improving the ancient surface of Mars. Unmanned craft will soon deflect dozens of asteroids into Mars-crossing orbits, preparing the icy worldlets for decomposition into a new Martian atmosphere. Command cluster pods speed through space, targeted for strategic locations around the planet, there to begin producing the first macro-level machines -- workers, builders, robots of action. Of course water will be identified and strategies studied for its use and release upon the cold, dry world. Soon, perhaps even within a human lifetime, anaerobic bacteria will eat into the rock of a planet 3.6 billion years dead.

And then Man will come merrily to the fields of Mars, as ready as he can be to reap what the robots have sown -- and there will come a harvest on that blood red world.

Robon Corporation is glad to bring you this new era in human history! Your continued support of Robon creative technology in the marketplace greatly offsets the crushing cost of our dream -- Robon Red Planet. We thank you, consumers!


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The Future will be brought to you by Robon Corporation.