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The New

Cyberpersona Technologytm

In temporal approximation of the twentieth anniversary of "Beatles Anthology III," Robon Corporation offers you a "new" Beatles-style/John Lennon-subclass song presented through the power of CyberPersona Technology! CyberPersona technology will revolutionize not only the way humanity uses personal computers but the way humanity enjoys its celebrity class. Witness this!

Response to CyberPersona Technology has been overwhelming! Doubtless you have seen CyberPersonae in action across the mediasphere -- perhaps performing a lighthearted comedy revue on Robon SkyVision's Good Morning, Planet! Robon has seen fit to respond to the intense public demand for CyberPersona product with a dance remix of our instant-classic data-object, "The Brain of John Lennon." Look for this download in the coming week -- and catch the video at Robon Mindweb MindJamtm, the hip place to accept input!

SiliconCelebrity RetroTourtm

Now the past is your future, or at least your present! In its glamorous heyday, Silicon Celebrity technology from Robon Corporation dominated the mediaverse. Now, thanks to our own CyberPersona Technology, it's the stuff of mocking parody. Thus, in celebration, we present never-before heard SiliconCelebrity "music!" Rare output and declassified files from the first SiliconCelebrity worksession. You haven't witnessed every data-object yet.

The Future

Robon Paintmastertm

Tap the power of your favorite master artists with the Robon PaintMaster. As easy as an ordinary power sprayer, yet it can simulate greatness! Choose from our library of thousands of paint styles. Let Van Gogh color your bathroom. Wake up to a Michelangelo fresco on your very ceiling. Even wrap lawn furniture in the subdued tones of Edward Hopper. It is all within the power [positive-ability-subclass] of the PaintMaster'sSmartNozzletmand DigiPalettetm.Watch for the PaintMaster from Robon Corporation.

Robon Red Planettm

Robon Corporation, your leader in terraforming Mars! Soon humanity and its creations will have an entire new habitable world, thanks to Robon industrial concepts in spaceflight and automatonic sentience. Now is the time to choose the wallpaper for your bungalow on the Great Escarpment!


iSockettm browsers will experience the inner richness of RobonMindWebtm.Conventional browsers are restricted to outmoded multimedia.

Robon is always glad to recommend a non-competitve technology partner! Visit Dimbulb, Inc. for all of your pre- and post-press needs. Dimbulb exhibits all of the hierarchical dataflow power that Robon MindWeb WorkGroups can bring to your organization or mass data generation unit.

Dimbulb, Inc.: Complex Solutions to Simple Problems.

Dimbulb exisits outside of Robon's meme-firewalls. Use your mind at your own risk.

We can tell you more about Robon Corporation.

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