Jobs @ Robon Corporation

Transform yourself today! Immediately transfer from absolutely any field to a rewarding position inside Robon Corporation, with the aid of our SiliconBrain upgrades and proprietary Talent Chips. Finish high within the Robon structure! With Robon employment isn't just a job, but something deeper.

Featured Employment Opportunity:


Mentality Architects at Robon Corporation use the latest tools to sculpt the mental landscape of our SiliconCelebrities and CyberPersonae. Join this exciting, high-growth field. Potential for rapid promotion in our Robon MindWeb 'One-Stop Psyche Shop' online therapy division.

Must speak Radikal C++, Java, Pandora. Requires a PhD in anthropology and behavioral psychology or a Level 3 upgrade.

Always check for great job opportunites at Robon!

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Robon Corporation is an equal opportunity employer. But we prefer the improved.